M-SABR Power Rankings: May 16, 2017

With just under 25% of the season complete, we decided it’s time to update our Power Rankings! Some teams have *seemingly* hit rock bottom, such as the Giants who fell 21 spots since our power rankings that we released on Opening Day. The Twins were the highest riser in these power rankings, up to 13th. The Cubs had the highest standard deviation, which means no one really agreed upon where to put them. This is interesting because they were unanimously the number one team in our previous power rankings, but at the time of publishing, they are 18-19. The lowest standard deviation was held by the Padres, and they have been last in every single power rankings that we have done. (Good news for Padres fans, you guys can only go up from here!)

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M-SABR Power Rankings: Opening Day 2017

Introduction and Compilation by Hunter Satterthwaite

Tomorrow is Opening Day, so here at Michigan Baseball and Sabermetrics Club, we are releasing the second version of our power rankings. Our last rankings were released on December 12th, in the thick of winter meetings. All of the offseason moves are now completed, and we are ready for the regular season to get under way. We plan on releasing power rankings once every couple of weeks during the regular season.

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M-SABR 2017 Season Preview: Bold Predictions

(Credit: AP Photo)

As part of our season preview, we decided to gather some bold predictions to post! Various members of the club have sent in some predictions for the 2017 season, some bolder than others. Continue reading “M-SABR 2017 Season Preview: Bold Predictions”

M-SABR 2017 Season Preview: AL West

(Richard Mackson/USA TODAY Sports Images)

Today, we take a look at the AL West. Previews are given in alphabetical order; standings predictions will be released before Opening Day.

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