Month: October 2018

The Underappreciated Aaron Hicks

Hicks finished the season setting new career highs in almost every category. 2018 was also the first season in his career in which Hicks qualified for the batting title. He finished in the top 15 in the American League in runs, home runs, walks, OBP, wRC+, and fWAR. He was arguably the second-best center fielder in baseball this year (second only to Mike Trout, of course).

M-SABR Chat with NY Post’s Ken Davidoff

Recently, M-SABR had the chance to speak with Ken Davidoff. We discussed topics ranging from 2019 MLB Free Agency to the NL MVP race. Ken Davidoff has been a baseball columnist for the New York Post since 2012. He attended the University of Michigan, graduating in 1993.