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  • MLB Network Top 10 Right Now Recap & Analysis: Right Field

    Mookie Betts won the 2018 AL MVP, but is he the top RF in baseball?

  • 2018 Trades: The Worst of the Worst

    A few weeks ago, I examined the five best trades from the 2018 trade deadline. Unfortunately, not every trade can be a winner. A great example from 2017 is the Yankees’ trade for Sonny Gray. The Yankees traded three highly-ranked prospects for former all-star Sonny Gray. Since coming to New York, Gray’s performance has been nothing short of disappointing, accumulating an ERA of 4.51 and a FIP of 4.40. Disastrous trades, like this one, happen every season and they can greatly damage teams in the hunt for a championship. Here are the five worst trades of 2018 based on the performance of the traded player and the perceived potential of the players given up.

  • 2018 Trades: The Best of the Best

    Machado was the best player moved at the trade deadline, but does he win the title of best trade acquisition?

  • The Underappreciated Aaron Hicks

    Hicks finished the season setting new career highs in almost every category. 2018 was also the first season in his career in which Hicks qualified for the batting title. He finished in the top 15 in the American League in runs, home runs, walks, OBP, wRC+, and fWAR. He was arguably the second-best center fielder in baseball this year (second only to Mike Trout, of course).