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Cy Young-Less: Cy Young Candidates for the Teams Without One

The regular season is just getting underway, and everyone wants to know what potential records could be broken in 2017. History could be made if a pitcher on one of the four teams featured in this article win a Cy Young award, as no player on any of them has ever won the coveted honor. Indeed, the Rockies, Marlins, Rangers, and Reds are all Cy Young-less. So, which pitcher from each one of these organizations has the best chance to bring home a Cy Young? To answer this question, I compiled data from the last five AL and NL Cy Young winners and sorted them by age and career resumes. The reason for picking the last five years is that I consider this period the Fireball Era when starting pitchers commonly throw 95 MPH or higher.

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M-SABR Hall of Fame Voting Results 2017

(Stephen Dunn / Allsport)

Later today, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America will reveal the results of voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2017. The rules are simple: A writer can include up to 10 players on his ballot; a player must be on at least 75% of all ballots to get approved. Sadly, none of our members were eligible to vote for the 2017 class—to be eligible to vote, a writer must be employed on a baseball beat job for 10 consecutive years. Nonetheless, we proudly held a Michigan Baseball and Sabermetrics mock election.

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