About Us

Founded in 2016, Michigan Baseball and Sabermetrics Club is the university’s first-ever organization dedicated to sabermetrics—the advanced study of baseball. The site features research articles, weekly staff power rankings, opinion pieces, and more.

Our M-SABR Staff:

Co-President – Zane Harding

Zane Harding is a junior double-majoring in Economics and English. Zane was a founding member of the club and launched the club’s website in October 2016 as a freshman, then ran the club’s publication for a year. As Co-President, Zane runs the club alongside his good friend Max. He oversees the club’s publication and research projects, develops projects such as Season Previews and Recaps and the M-SABR Podcast, and he prepares and runs club meetings. In his spare time, Zane enjoys writing for the M-SABR website or for SB Nation’s Bless You Boys. If he isn’t writing, he likes to spend way too much time looking at statistics on Fangraphs and Baseball Reference’s Play Index. Residing from Waterford, Michigan, Zane is an avid Detroit and Michigan sports fan.

How to contact Zane:

Email: zharding@umich.edu
Twitter: @zaneaharding 

Co-President – Max Smith

Max Smith is a junior majoring in Industrial and Operations Engineering and a member of the Engineering Global Leadership Honors Program. As Co-President, he runs the club alongside Zane, overseeing the club’s branches, managing day-to-day operations of the club, and coordinating with affiliated groups (such as WCBN Radio, SABR, and the Michigan Sports Analytics Society). As a freshman, he was Editor-in-Chief, working with the authors of M-SABR pieces to ensure high-quality writing and solid statistical reasoning and arguments. Living in Frankfurt, Germany, he officially holds the title of Europe’s, and now Michigan’s, biggest Washington Nationals fan.

How to Contact Max:

Email: rmaxsm@umich.edu
Twitter: @maxsmith_16

Vice President – Cam Cain

Cam Cain is a junior at the University of Michigan majoring in Statistics. As Vice President, Cam leads the club’s Website and Content branch, ensuring the club has a steady flow of new content all while running the M-SABR website, while supporting Zane and Max in various major club endeavors. He specializes in articles using OOTP simulations, as well as other analytical articles. Cam is from Salem, New Hampshire, and his favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds.

How to Contact Cam:

Email: camly@umich.edu
Twitter: @BAMitsCam75

Treasurer – Matthew Kikkert

Matthew Kikkert is a junior majoring in Business, minoring in Economics, and has a strong interest in investments. As the club’s Treasurer, he works with the University of Michigan on funding and spending matters, while also managing the club budget. Matthew is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his favorite team is the Detroit Tigers.

How to Contact Matthew:

Email: mkikkert@umich.edu
Twitter: @mkikkert97

Editor-in-Chief – Ambria Hopfe

Ambria Hopfe is a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering. As Editor-in-Chief, she directs and refines the content published on the M-SABR website. She is from Farmington Hills, Michigan. But, with family ties in Massachusetts, her allegiance is to the one and only Boston Red Sox.

How to Contact Ambria:

Email: hopfeamb@umich.edu

Technical Manager – Erik McKeen

Erik McKeen is a junior majoring in Computer Science. As Technical Manager, he keeps the website up to date and performs design updates as needed. He also helps write articles for the site. Erik is from Lake Orion, Michigan, and he is a die-hard fan of the Detroit Tigers and the Miami Marlins.

How to Contact Erik:

Email: emckeen@umich.edu
Twitter: @erikm56

Research Manager – Duncan Wallis

Duncan Wallis is a sophomore majoring in Sport Management with interests in business and analytics. As a Research Manager and Featured Writer, Duncan is responsible for leading bigger group projects and also putting out consistently high-level content. He is most enthusiastic about looking at the business of player contracts, free agency, prospects, and analytics of players to re-evaluate player worth. He is from Kalamazoo, Michigan and his favorite MLB team is the Chicago Cubs.

How to Contact Duncan:

Email: dgwallis@umich.edu
Twitter: @DuncanWallis13

Social Media Officer – Gregory Severin

Gregory is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and thinking about adding a minor in Spanish. As the Social Media Officer, he is responsible for ensuring that M-SABR’s articles are publicized on social media. If you particularly appreciate something @michigansabr tweeted, you probably have Gregory to thank. Although he now lives in Newton, Massachusetts, Gregory’s baseball allegiances unfortunately lie with his hometown team, the Seattle Mariners.

How to contact Gregory:

Email: gseverin@umich.edu
Twitter: @TheTridentM

Writer – Max Brill

Max Brill is a sophomore in LSA. He is particularly interested in the ins and outs of award voting, and frequently writes on the Hall of Fame, All-Star Game selections, and the MVP, ROY, and Cy Young races. Max was born and raised in the greatest city in the world, New York City, and is (unfortunately) a die-hard Mets fan. He is also the creator of Musings of a Baseball Addict and a writer for RotoBaller.com.

How to contact Max:

Email: maxbrill@umich.edu
Twitter: @metsfanmax

Writer – Jack Gioffre

Jack Gioffre is a sophomore intending to major in Economics or Computer Science. As a writer, Jack writes articles analyzing various subjects from the baseball world. He is from Wilton, CT and believes that Byron Buxton and his Minnesota Twins are here for the long run.

How to Contact Jack:

Email: giofjb@umich.edu
Twitter: @jackgioffre