About Us

Founded in 2016, Michigan Baseball and Sabermetrics Club is the university’s first-ever organization dedicated to sabermetrics—the advanced study of baseball. The site features research articles, weekly staff power rankings, opinion pieces, and more.

Our M-SABR Staff:

President – Billy Stampfl

Billy Stampfl is a sophomore majoring in Economics and minoring in Statistics. As President, he works with fellow executive officers to help the club grow and improve, while he also edits articles for the M-SABR website. Billy is from Chicago, Illinois, and his favorite team is the Cubs.

How to contact Billy:

Email: bstampfl@umich.edu
Twitter: @BStampfl2

Vice President – Hunter Satterthwaite

Hunter Satterthwaite is a freshman considering a major in Data Science. He is the club’s Vice President and assists with the day-to-day operations of the club. He is from Jackson, Michigan and his favorite team is the Detroit Tigers.

How to contact Hunter:

Email: hunsat@umich.edu
Twitter: @huntman234

Director of Media Relations – Zane Harding

Zane Harding is a freshman looking to major in Economics. He is the club’s Director of Media Relations and runs its Twitter and Facebook pages. Zane also manages M-SABR’s website and acts as the group’s publisher. He is from Waterford, Michigan, and his favorite team is the Detroit Tigers.

How to contact Zane:

Email: zharding@umich.edu
Twitter: @ZaneAHarding

Editor-in-Chief – Max Smith

Max Smith is a freshman looking to major in Industrial and Operations Engineering. As Editor, he works with the authors of M-SABR pieces to ensure high-quality writing and solid statistical reasoning and arguments. Living in Frankfurt, Germany, he officially holds the title of Europe’s, and now Michigan’s, biggest Washington Nationals fan.

How to Contact Max:

Email: rmaxsm@umich.edu
Twitter: @maxsmith_16

Chief Financial Officer – Griffin Murphy

Griffin Murphy is a third-year Economics major and business minor with a strong interest in social policy. As the club’s Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for working with the University of Michigan and third-party organizations on fiscal matters, while also managing the club budget and securing funding. Griffin is from Fairfield, Connecticut, and he is a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan.

How to Contact Griffin:

Email: grimurph@umich.edu

Financial Officer – Matthew Kikkert

Matthew Kikkert is a freshman at the University of Michigan pursuing a Business degree. He is an assistant Financial Officer for the club, working with Griffin Murphy on funding and spending matters, while he also writes articles analyzing front office decision-making in Major League Baseball. Originally from Grand Rapids, MI, Matthew’s favorite team is the Detroit Tigers.

How to Contact Matthew:

Email: mkikkert@umich.edu
Twitter: @mkikkert97

Featured Writer – Cam Cain
Cam Cain is a freshman at the University of Michigan planning on majoring in Statistics. He specializes in articles using OOTP simulations, as well as other analytical articles. Cam is from Salem, New Hampshire, and his favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds.
How to Contact Cam:
Email: camly@umich.edu
Twitter: @BAMitsCam75

Research Specialist – Josh Rusgo
Josh Rusgo is a senior majoring in Statistics and minoring in Physics. His favorite team is the Detroit Tigers. The thing he likes most about M-SABR is that it’s Michigan’s only club focused on advanced statistics for the greatest game on Earth.
How to Contact Josh:
Email: jrusgo@umich.edu
Twitter: @JoshRusgo