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Founded in 2016, the Michigan Society for American Baseball Research, run on-campus at the University of Michigan, is one of just two SABR-affiliated university clubs in the entire world. Our website features research articles, analysis pieces, satire, and more.

Our M-SABR Staff:

Director — Daniel Korach

Daniel Korach is a Chicago native studying Industrial and Operations Engineering Major with a minor in History. He is a die-hard White Sox fan with a passion for winning and using data to do it. Aside from watching/attending/selling food at Sox games, Daniel works with the Michigan Baseball Player Development team as well.

How to Contact Daniel:

Email: dkorach@umich.edu
Twitter: @djk228

Vice President — Cam Cain

Cam Cain is a junior at the University of Michigan majoring in Statistics. As Vice President, Cam leads the club’s Website and Content branch, ensuring the club has a steady flow of new content all while running the M-SABR website, while supporting Zane and Max in various major club endeavors. He specializes in articles using OOTP simulations, as well as other analytical articles. Cam is from Salem, New Hampshire, and his favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds.

How to Contact Cam:

Email: camly@umich.edu
Twitter: @BAMitsCam75

Editor-in-Chief – Gregory Severin

Gregory Severin is a senior majoring in Political Science. As Editor-in-Chief, he works with the other editors and authors of M-SABR pieces to ensure high quality writing and solid statistical reasoning and arguments. In addition to his editing responsibilities, he is also the Social Media officer responsible for the @michigansabr Twitter account. If you particularly appreciate something we’ve tweeted, you probably have Gregory to thank. Although he now lives in Newton, Massachusetts, Gregory’s baseball loyalty continues to lie in his native Seattle with his beloved Mariners.

How to contact Gregory:

Email: gseverin@umich.edu
Twitter: @TheForkballer

Treasurer — Matthew Kikkert

Matthew Kikkert is a senior majoring in Business, minoring in Economics, and has a strong interest in investments. As the club’s Treasurer, he works with the University of Michigan on funding and spending matters while also managing the club budget. Matthew is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his favorite team is the Detroit Tigers.

How to Contact Matthew:

Email: mkikkert@umich.edu
Twitter: @mkikkert97

Managing Editor – Ambria Hopfe

Ambria Hopfe is a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering. As a Managing Editor, she directs and refines the content published on the M-SABR website. She is from Farmington Hills, Michigan. But, with family ties in Massachusetts, her allegiance is to the one and only Boston Red Sox.

How to Contact Ambria:

Email: hopfeamb@umich.edu

Managing Editor – Erik McKeen

Erik McKeen is a senior majoring in Data Science. As Managing Editor, he edits articles for the website and he helps write articles as well. During the summer of 2019, Erik worked as a Baseball Operations Intern for the United Shore Professional Baseball League. Erik is from Lake Orion, Michigan, and his favorite team is the Detroit Tigers.

How to Contact Erik:

Email: emckeen@umich.edu
Twitter: @erikm56

Graduate Research Advisor – Kyle Kumbier

Kyle is a 2nd-year Master’s student going for an advanced degree in Biostatistics. He completed his undergrad at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Math. The transition from engineering to statistics is certainly a strange one, but baseball had a lot to do with it. As a research advisor of M-SABR, Kyle is sharing his experience in conducting statistical baseball research (see “Enhancing the Quality Start”) as well as programming in R. Kyle is originally from Neenah, Wisconsin and a lifetime Brewer fan.

How to contact Kyle:

Email: kkumbier@umich.edu

Graduate Research Advisor – Ryan Pinheiro

Ryan is a doctoral student pursuing his PhD in Sport Management. Prior to his time at Michigan, he attended the University of Akron where he received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Applied Mathematics. Ryan also spent three years working in industry at American Greetings in Cleveland, Ohio as a statistical analyst. His current research interests include sport economics and analytics. Ryan’s role in M-SABR is to help and guide undergraduate students as they pursue their own research in baseball. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Ryan is a diehard Tribe fan.

How to contact Ryan:

Email: rxp@umich.edu

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