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Founded in 2016, the Michigan Society for American Baseball Research, run on-campus at the University of Michigan, is one of just two SABR-affiliated university clubs in the entire world. Our website features research articles, analysis pieces, satire, and more.

Our M-SABR Staff:

Co-President: Nolan Bruce

Nolan Bruce is a senior from Rochester, Michigan studying Mathematics of Finance and Risk Management. Nolan is a huge Cardinals fan. As President, he oversees and assists the board, manages attendance and communication, and organizes weekly meetings for the club. He is also a writer for the club and the creator of the M-SABR YouTube channel.

How to contact Nolan:

Email: nmbruce@umich.edu

Twitter: @NBruce99

Co-President: Lucas Szentgyorgyi

Lucas Szentgyorgyi is a sophomore studying Economics with a minor in Complex Systems. He is from Los Angeles, California and is a Dodgers fan (there is only ONE Los Angeles team, and it’s not the Angels). He wants to work in baseball after college and has worked for multiple independent baseball teams. He participated in the Diamond Dollars Case Competition.

How to contact Lucas:

Email: szentgl@umich.edu

Twitter: @lucasszent

Editor In Chief: William Gregory

William Gregory is a junior from Grosse Pointe, Michigan majoring in Communications and English with a minor in Chinese. As Editor In Chief, he works with the other editors and authors of M-SABR pieces to ensure high quality writing and solid statistical reasoning and argumentation. He is a Detroit Tigers fan, and enjoys playing Out of the Park Baseball.

How to contact William:

Email: willgreg@umich.edu

Twitter: @willgregory75

Senior Managing Editor: Daniel Pardi

Daniel Pardi is a junior from Rochester Hills, Michigan majoring in Biology, Health, and Society and minoring in Applied Statistics. He has been a Tigers fan his whole life with a love for all Detroit sports. As the Senior Managing Editor of M-SABR, Daniel works with the writing team to produce and release quality pieces of content.

How to contact Daniel:

Email: dpardi@umich.edu

Twitter: @danielpardi02

Managing Editor: Tim Kulawiak

Tim Kulawiak is a freshman from Santa Rosa, California majoring in Clarinet Performance and Economics. As a managing editor, he helps the editor-in-chief to maintain a high level of writing and production for the M-SABR website. He is a Bay Area sports fan, and enjoys hiking and skiing.

How to contact Tim:

Email: tkulawia@umich.edu

Twitter: @Tim_Kulawiak

Managing Editor: Christopher Putnam

Christopher Putnam is a freshman from Arlington, Virginia who is still an undecided student at the University of Michigan. As a managing editor, he works to help create and edit original content for the writing section. He has been a Nationals fan for as long as he can remember, and has a passion for evaluating Major and Minor League Baseball players. He also enjoys playing fantasy baseball and football in his spare time.

How to contact Christopher:

Email: cputnam@umich.edu

Twitter: @ChrisPut_

Managing Editor: Devin Wiles

Devin Wiles is a freshman from Auburn Hills, Michigan majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Moral & Political Philosophy. Along with M-SABR, he is also a participant in U of M’s SBA (Sports Business Association). As a managing editor, Devin works alongside the other members of the writing board to refine and release readable and intriguing content for readers. He is also an avid Detroit sports fan.

How to contact Devin:

Email: dwiles@umich.edu

Twitter: @DevinWiles22

Head of Research: Matthew Sussman

Matthew Sussman is a junior from New York majoring in Statistics and Data Science. As Research Head, Matthew oversees research project and teaches coding. He is a die-hard Yankees fan who has visited all 30 major league ballparks. He is excited to grow M-SABR’s research division.

How to contact Matthew:

Email: mattsuss@umich.edu

Twitter: @MatthewSussman6

Research Assistant: John Ilyevsky

John Ilyevsky is a sophomore from Great Neck, New York majoring in Sport Management and Statistics. As a research assistant, he works with the other research assistants and the research chair to help out in the research process. He is a baseball fan and enjoys playing Out of the Park Baseball.

How to contact John:

Email: ilyevsky@umich.edu

Twitter: @jilyevsky

Research Assistant: Daniel Mueller

Daniel Mueller is a junior from Canton, Michigan studying Data Science with a minor in Music. As a research assistant, he seeks to apply his knowledge of statistics and analytics to a variety of different research projects within M-SABR. He supports both the Tigers and Dodgers and has traveled to all 30 major league ballparks.

How to contact Daniel:

Email: danmue@umich.edu

Twitter: @DanielxMueller

Treasurer and Head of Social Media: Ryan Jafri

Ryan Jafri is a freshman and plans to study Political Science. He is a passionate New York Mets fan from Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. He has visited 21 out of the 30 MLB ballparks. As Treasurer, Ryan will manage M-SABR finances. Through social media, he will create content and he plans to help expand the audience of the club.

How to contact Ryan:

Email: rkjafri@umich.edu

Twitter: @ryan_jafri

Head of Recruitment: Michael Donahue

Michael Donahue is a senior majoring in Sport Management. Michael is from Boston, and is a lifelong Red Sox fan. As Head of Recruitment, Michael works to bring new members into the club and also improve involvement in club engagement and activities.

How to contact Michael:

Email: donahumi@umich.edu

Twitter: @m_donahue_

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