M-SABR Power Rankings: Opening Day 2017

Introduction and Compilation by Hunter Satterthwaite

Tomorrow is Opening Day, so here at Michigan Baseball and Sabermetrics Club, we are releasing the second version of our power rankings. Our last rankings were released on December 12th, in the thick of winter meetings. All of the offseason moves are now completed, and we are ready for the regular season to get under way. We plan on releasing power rankings once every couple of weeks during the regular season.

The rankings did not change much, the farthest move was the White Sox from 20 to 26. Both the Sale and Eaton moves were completed before the power rankings came out last, so people must have just had a change of mind on the White Sox. The Cubs still sit at number one (shocker). A funny thing to look at is that the Cubs and the Padres had the two lowest standard deviations, which means people in our club agreed almost unanimously on the two ranks. The Cubs finished first in the power rankings, while the Padres finished dead last. Two teams from the AL Central finished in the top two spots in terms of standard deviation, the Royals and the White Sox. Below are the full power rankings and a reddit style voter by voter graphic. Enjoy!

Opening Day Power Rankings

power rankings chart opening day


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