M-SABR Post-Winter Meetings Power Rankings

Introduction and Compilation by Hunter Satterthwaite

An offseason edition of our M-SABR power rankings.

We are planning to roll out power rankings onto our website, and plan that this will be one of our bigger projects. Each member produces their own ranking, 1-30, and then I compile them all together and average them out in order to get the final ranking. We will be updating our power rankings every few weeks or so, maybe less often in the offseason, and we will continue this into the foreseeable future. So, our first offseason rankings were conducted on December 6th. To recap the rankings, the Cubs ran away with the first-place votes (though they did not sweep the first-place votes). The Cubs and the Red Sox had the lowest standard deviation, at the 1 and 2 spot. The Red Sox, largely because of the Sale trade, nearly swept the number two ranking. The two largest standard deviations were the Orioles and the Royals. This means our own members seemed to have the most differing opinions on these two teams. The Orioles were ranked either number 10 or 17 & 18 on almost everyone’s ranking. It is very interesting that no one had them anywhere in between. Also, another disagreement was that two people had the Pirates inside the top 10, while everyone else had them around 15 or higher. Attached below is a chart of our full power rankings, along with each individual person’s power ranking.

  1. Chicago Cubs
  2. Boston Red Sox
  3. Washington Nationals
  4. Los Angeles Dodgers
  5. Cleveland Indians
  6. San Francisco Giants
  7. Houston Astros
  8. Texas Rangers
  9. New York Mets
  10. Toronto Blue Jays
  11. St. Louis Cardinals
  12. Seattle Mariners
  13. New York Yankees
  14. Baltimore Orioles
  15. Detroit Tigers
  16. Pittsburgh Pirates
  17. Kansas City Royals
  18. Colorado Rockies
  19. Miami Marlins
  20. Chicago White Sox
  21. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  22. Arizona Diamondbacks
  23. Tampa Bay Rays
  24. Atlanta Braves
  25. Milwaukee Brewers
  26. Philadelphia Phillies
  27. Oakland Athletics
  28. Cincinnati Reds
  29. Minnesota Twins
  30. San Diego Padres



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