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Were the World Series Balls Affecting Pitchers?

(Jake Roth / USA TODAY Sports) by Jack Gioffre The excitement of the 2017 postseason was marred by the comments from several pitchers regarding the condition of the baseballs they were using. Among them were former MVP Justin Verlander, Cy Young Award Winner Dallas Keuchel, Yu Darvish, and Charlie Morton. While Commissioner Rob Manfred insists

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Must-See JV: Verlander’s Defining Postseason Moments

(Houston Astros) Justin Verlander is a future Hall of Famer. In the past ten years, no one has pulled off playoff heroics quite like JV. Whether it’s his┬áseven 10 K performances in the postseason (no one else has more than five), his six playoff starts going 8+ IP,┬áhis 9.93 postseason K/9, or his 3.10 postseason

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