Welcome to M-SABR!

Founded in 2016, Michigan Baseball and Sabermetrics Club is the university’s first-ever organization dedicated to sabermetrics—the advanced study of baseball. The site features research articles, weekly staff power rankings, opinion pieces, and more.

Our M-SABR Staff:

President – Billy Stampfl

Billy Stampfl is a sophomore majoring in Economics and minoring in Statistics. As President, he works with fellow executive officers to help the club grow and improve, while he also edits articles for the M-SABR website. Billy is from Chicago, Illinois, and his favorite team is the Cubs.

How to contact Billy:

Email: bstampfl@umich.edu
Twitter: @BStampfl2

Vice President – Hunter Satterthwaite

Hunter Satterthwaite is a freshman considering a major in Data Science. He is the club’s Vice President and assists with the day-to-day operations of the club. He is from Jackson, Michigan and his favorite team is the Detroit Tigers.

How to contact Hunter:

Email: hunsat@umich.edu
Twitter: @huntman234

Director of Media Relations – Zane Harding

Zane Harding is a freshman looking to major in Economics. He is the club’s Director of Media Relations and runs its Twitter and Facebook pages. Zane also manages M-SABR’s website and acts as the group’s publisher. He is from Waterford, Michigan, and his favorite team is the Detroit Tigers.

How to contact Zane:

Email: zharding@umich.edu
Twitter: @ZaneAHarding

Editor in Chief – Max Smith

Max Smith is a freshman looking to major in Industrial and Operations Engineering. As Editor, he works with the authors of M-SABR pieces to ensure high-quality writing and solid statistical reasoning and arguments. Living in Frankfurt, Germany, he officially holds the title of Europe’s, and now Michigan’s, biggest Washington Nationals fan.

How to Contact Max:

Email: rmaxsm@umich.edu
Twitter: @maxsmith_16

Chief Financial Officer – Griffin Murphy

Griffin Murphy is a third-year Economics major and business minor with a strong interest in social policy. As the club’s Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for working with the University of Michigan and third-party organizations on fiscal matters, while also managing the club budget and securing funding. Griffin is from Fairfield, Connecticut, and he is a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan.

How to Contact Griffin:

Email: grimurph@umich.edu

Financial Officer – Matthew Kikkert

Matthew Kikkert is a freshman at the University of Michigan pursuing a Business degree. He is an assistant Financial Officer for the club, working with Griffin Murphy on funding and spending matters, while he also writes articles analyzing front office decision-making in Major League Baseball. Originally from Grand Rapids, MI, Matthew’s favorite team is the Detroit Tigers.

How to Contact Matthew:

Email: mkikkert@umich.edu
Twitter: @mkikkert97


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