M-SABR Power Rankings: May 16, 2017

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With just under 25% of the season complete, we decided it’s time to update our Power Rankings! Some teams have *seemingly* hit rock bottom, such as the Giants who fell 21 spots since our power rankings that we released on Opening Day. The Twins were the highest riser in these power rankings, up to 13th. The Cubs had the highest standard deviation, which means no one really agreed upon where to put them. This is interesting because they were unanimously the number one team in our previous power rankings, but at the time of publishing, they are 18-19. The lowest standard deviation was held by the Padres, and they have been last in every single power rankings that we have done. (Good news for Padres fans, you guys can only go up from here!)

Below are our power rankings with record and movement. We have added some things to our Reddit style graphic that shows each person’s power rankings. On the right, the teams are given by record as of May 15th, and on the left, it shows our M-SABR rankings so you can compare them with each individual person and compare it to their record. We plan on to keep updated our power rankings as the season goes on. Enjoy!

power rankings 5-16-17.png

5-16 power rankings by people

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